Global Crisis: Wedding Bells Are Ringing!

Just as anti-gay Republican Rick Santorum claimed, the ruling from the SCOTUS this past June has indeed lead to a “global crisis”…wedding bells are ringing out LOUD across the land.

In a new Gallup estimate released this week, the pollsters have concluded that 972,000 Americans are living blissfully in a same sex marriage. Gallup estimates that of those approximately 200,000 were wed after the famous June 26 Supreme Court ruling, and as you can clearly see, the world has erupted in complete chaos.

A spokesperson for Gallup suggests that the nationwide ruling on same sex marriage has changed the face of LGBT relationships, saying that “If those trends continue, marriage will soon overtake domestic partnerships as the more common relationship status among committed same sex couples.”

Qurb would like to send a warm congratulations to all 486,000 couples! We love love!


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