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Latrice Royale & Willam Star in Peaches Christ’s “Mister Act”

RuPaul’s Drag Race superstars Latrice Royale and Willam Belli star alongside Peaches Christ and Seattle’s own Abbey Roads in the SHE-larious stage show parody! 

The next show in Qurb Media Group’s series of Peaches Christ productions coming to Seattle and Portland is a parody of the ’90s classic that took place in Peaches Christ’s hometown of San Francisco: the divinely funny comedy caper “SISTER ACT” starring Whoopi Goldberg, at her movie-star peak, as a lounge singer who poses as a nun after witnessing a mob murder. Peaches will be joined onstage by RuPaul’s Drag Race fan favorites LATRICE ROYALE and WILLAM BELLI as well as Seattle’s own ABBEY ROADS in the northwest premiere of MISTER ACT.

The sacred shenanigans will transpire at the SIFF Egyptian Theatre on Thursday, January 12th, with TWO performances at 7pm & 9:30pm and at the Aladdin Theater in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, January 14th with ONE performance at 7pm. VIP Meet & Greet tickets available for all shows.

In “Mister Act,” drag superstar and reformed criminal LATRICE is a struggling Reno drag performer who spills the tea after accidentally seeing some seriously shady shit. She finds herself in the rare position of having to go back into the closet to hide— but lucky for us, she finds a whole new way to express her drag habit when she flees to impersonate a nun at a struggling skid row church.

It seems SISTER WILLAM has a hidden talent for singing and tucking, but it just needs it to be brought out– her voice, that is. When REVEREND MOTHER CHRIST suggests that Latrice use her “experience” to direct the failing church choir, she embraces the challenge and eventually makes the parishioners EAT IT! Joined by the giggly SISTER ABBEY ROADS and former choir director SISTER SYLVIA O’STAYFORMORE and many more, their “Mister Act” becomes a huge hit that knows no bounds— until Ms. Royale’s trashy past catches up with her!

The “Mister Act” supporting cast features a who’s who of Seattle favorites including; Sylvia O’Stayformore, Fraya Love, La Gaviota, Sparkle Leigh, Isabella Extynn, Strawberry Shartcake, and more.

Audience members are encouraged to don their best naughty-nun couture, and be sure to get a few drinks at the Confession Booth bar! VIP Meet & Greet opportunities are available immediately following both shows.

Advance tickets on sale now for both cities:

SEATTLE:  www.Universe.com

PORTLAND:  www.TicketFly.com


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